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Underwear colored with natural mugwort dyes

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Underwear colored with natural mugwort dyes


Naturally dyed Ssuk Panties of Sugar Farm are made through repeated dyeing for several days. The underwear is colored with mugwort extract, washed and dried several times so you can put it on right after receiving it. Continuously put on the underwear although colors of the part where vaginal discharge contacts may easily fade. Because all of the body can be benefited from natural dyeing and de-coloring does not undermine its effectiveness. Colors of cloth colored with natural dyes are gradually washed out over six months to a year. When you need, you can re-dye with a natural dye kit. (Buy Mugwort Dye Kit separately, use it when boiling laundry)


[Effects of Mugwort]

According to Donguibogam and Bonchogangmok, a botanical list, it is said that mugwort is passionless, good for treating women’s diseases and helps keep the body warm reducing vaginal discharge.


  • Size : 80(kids),90(L),95(XL),100(XXL)
       Free(It covers belly right under rib)
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