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Mugwort Pouch

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Mugwort Pouch


It is a pouch filled with premium artemisia capillaries grown in Korea. Mugwort has aromatic flavor so if you put it in a wardrobe, drawers, pillows, sitting cushions, underclothes, sanitary napkin storage bag and pouches, you can see benefits of mugwort including deodorization and antibacterial performance. The smell of mugwort gradually fades over a couple of months. You can even take out and make full use of the mugwort in the pouch when enjoying foot spa or re-dyeing underclothes.


[Effects of Mugwort]

According to Donguibogam and Bonchogangmok, a botanical list, it is said that mugwort is passionless, good for treating women’s diseases and helps keep the body warm reducing vaginal discharge.


  • Size : 11 x 11cm
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