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Wings of Angel

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Wings of Angel


It is a natural poultice which keeps your body warm using heating moist of natural grains (red beans). As it is stuffed with natural medicinal herbs such as mugwort, Siberian chrysanthemum and dandelion and red beans, after heating it in the microwave for one to three minutes, you can apply it to where you feel hurt for an hour.


[Effects of Red Bean Heat Pack]

Keep your body warm with Natural Red Bean Heat Pack. It also contains medicinal herbs including mugwort, Siberian chrysanthemum and dandelion. After heating it in the microwave, you can apply it to the body for about an hour. Men and women of all ages use the pack because it helps remove extravasated blood, loosen knotted muscles, for women, keep the uterus warm and reduce menstrual cramps.

  • Helps to relieve menstrual cramps and muscle pain
  • Natural heat pack available for multiple purposes including diarrhea caused by enteritis


It's designed lager than Pillow of Angel. It seems to be Angel’s wings, so it's called Wings of Angel. If you want lager size than Pillow of Angel, try these ones. You can get this as a gift for your friends, family, and your parents.


  • Size : 32 x 20cm
  • Weight : 850g
  • Design : Lace, Point, Olive, Violet
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